Company Overview

Atlantic Conduit Ltd (ACL) was established in the UK in 2004 by Matthew Chittick and Louise Falevsky as a spin-out business from QinetiQ. Its initial product suite provided an Email Compliance Service to marketing companies. Since becoming independent of QinetiQ, the founders have developed the business into a Transatlantic Consultancy organization focusing on strategic business development for technology-based business especially with regards to business expansion within the UK/US/EU regions. Dr. Alan Smith, a QinetiQ Fellow and world-renowned expert in communications, joined ACL in 2007 as a Board Advisor enhancing ACL’s technical offerings.

Louise Falevsky, ACL’s CEO, bringing a wealth of experience in technical product development initiatives, has widened her focus to overall strategic business planning support. Her knowledge of software systems as a tool for business along with her detailed review of business fundamentals enable her to provide clearly focused analysis to ACL clients. Matthew Chittick, ACL’s CFO, has industry-wide experience in Financial Forecasting, Business Modeling, and Business Valuation processes that underpin business strategy. His keen eye for a winning business proposition provides our clients with useful insights into market positioning. Dr. Alan Smith’s advisory role enables ACL to provide world-class military and communications support. Dr. Smith is an acknowledged expert in the introduction and advancement of High Altitude Platforms (HAPs) for military satellite communications.

ACL’s strength is the quality of its relationships in the US, UK, and EU with key business conduits. Among these are the Department of Trade and Industry, the British Consulate, the British Embassy, the British American Business Council, UK Trade and Investment, the UK Business Link, UK Regional Development Agencies, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, Chambers of Commerce, the Direct Marketing Association, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. In addition, ACL has strategic relationships with academic, technical, and business support organizations including business incubator organizations aligned through Birmingham University, Leeds University, Warwick University, University of Bristol, and the London School of Economics.

ACL founders retain strong relationships within the QinetiQ organization in the UK and US and with the wider MoD and DoD community. ACL’s network within the UK includes other previous QinetiQ employees that have continued to develop in their fields of expertise.

The ACL business model is focused on partnering with domain experts; helping them to refine their ideas into products, bring those products to market, and developing their businesses in a larger transatlantic footprint.

ACL is focusing on three markets: