Development of Technology Product Businesses

With a background in technical product development, the Atlantic Conduit Ltd team applies the breadth and depth of their experience to help advise and guide technical companies through the challenges that these companies face. Decisions such as new or enhanced product investment, product pricing, marketing, and distribution channels must come from business fundamentals. It is through that understanding that ACL is able to simplify complex issues to make problem solving and decision-making clearer to technical company management.

Environmental Products

Our client offers a range of patented and licensed environmental remediation technologies specifically targeted at contaminated water and soil environments. Having shifted products lines from one of Homeland Security to the Environmental marketplace, our client had moved forward without a clear strategy on what their message was to their customers. ACL is in the process of updating their Business Plan as well as other business documentation used in the sales process. ACL has reviewed their sales and marketing processes and their obsolete website and has advised on a stepped approach to updating these essential processes and advertising tools.

Automotive Aftermarket Products

Our client sells products that deliver hydrogen-on-demand to many types of fossil fuel engines. Our client has worked with ACL to find the right message so that they are positioned to sell their high-technology products to individual customers and to fleet owners. Our client quickly expanded into the global marketplace, but sought out ACL to develop business strategy outlined in their business plan and find funding to enable them to open distribution channels in selected countries. The experience ACL has in the global marketplace for technical products along with arranging strategic partnerships has enabled our client to grow even during this current market contraction outside ACL’s typical US-UK-EU regions.

Telephone Notification Product

Having developed a US telephone notification product used widely by local Governments and Organizations, our client wanted to expand their service. ACL helped to identify emerging markets in areas that are prone to damaging storms. Used as an emergency notification tool, our client’s phone notification system is well suited to meet a pressing need. After discussions with ACL’s regional telecommunications contacts in the Caribbean, our client decided to postpone expansion until after market recovery. ACL’s financial modeling along with market drivers at that time did not warrant expansion.

Health and Wellness Program Provider

ACL was engaged to work with a developing consortium of Health Care providers and benefits plan coordinators to structure their emerging organization. ACL provided advice on strategic business development and revenue model. As the company mission is to provide best-in-class, coordinated wellness services, it was imperative that ACL work with the consortium members to gain consensus on bundled services and product rollout sequence. As another complex technology system, ACL was well suited to weed through the product requirement to aid customer focused product development and delivery.

Sales and Marketing Email Compliance

A brand protection product that will certify compliant business process is followed for small and medium-sized businesses. This compliance registration tool is a low-cost, high-volume web-based product that will verify compliant businesses and provide email compliance authentication notification for email recipients. This tool will also prevent sending unsolicited email to potential customers. Clients pay an annual fee to receive access to the service along with relevant updates.