Strategic Business Development

Atlantic Conduit Ltd offers guidance and consulting support to emerging and restructuring businesses. By providing management advice to companies either forming or in transition, ACL can help companies sort through the confusing and often the conflicting business objectives and advise on ways forward that will achieve short and long-term company goals.

Building Protection Sector

ACL’s client a leading manufacturer of the next generation of passive fire protection products, worked with ACL to successfully restructure their business to enable expansion of their market as well as to source investment capital that was more in line with business goals. Based in the UK, Our client was saddled with investors who were stymieing their company’s growth and wanted to divest themselves of the investment. ACL worked with our client to restructure their business in order to attract new positive growth investors as well as provide capital to expand product distribution into the EU and US markets and beyond. ACL provided strategic planning framework, a fully executable business plan for investment and future planning, and a 5-year financial model with exit. ACL supported our client through the funding process and were successful in attracting the desired funding.

Business Software Development

Our client, a UK based software tool Company, specializes in mainframe software conversion. Our client grew out of a consultancy organization serving the UNISYS computer software market into a software tool sales and service organization. Our client came to ACL to help restructure the company in such as way as to attract investment enabling a senior level management buy-out as well as provide capital for development of a new software tool. Once the nucleus of the new company management was decided, ACL worked closely with this team to form business strategy and plan on how our client could maintain its current client base and customers during the restructuring process. ACL then provided a full business plan with a 5-year financial model, including a 4-year exit. As our client was focusing on a new customer base in the US, ACL worked with a US investment team to find and execute a suitable fund match.