UK-US Business Creation

The ties between US and UK businesses are well established, yet smaller and newer businesses have yet to make the connection to offer their products as a transatlantic export. Atlantic Conduit Ltd, works with its partners and trade organizations to offer their clients the best solution to help them achieve their business goals.

MoD Bid Support

Recently providing financial leadership in £10M Ministry of Defence (MoD) bid for British Army Tank Engine Remanufacture contract, ACL’s expertise in business modeling and contract negotiation resulted in a successful closing of this important project bid. This included provision of a 10-year financial model, preparing and writing the bid documentation, and liaising with the MoD project management, Project Partners, and corporate management.

Business Energy Usage Forecasting

Introducing the Business Energy Plan software assessment tool into the US market at during the recent rise in energy costs proved a timely expansion for our client in the UK. ACL served as a point of entrance into the US market through ACL’s partners in Green Technology initiatives.

Email Business Support

Our client’s, a provider of a business tool for systemic email analysis, sought to gain market entry into US Military facilities and Government Agencies through ACL to promote the use of its software. Interest has been expressed by US Navy and Air Force representatives for implementation of the system at select facilities.

QinetiQ Ltd/ Inc and Beltway Consulting

As QinetiQ Inc expands its market share in the US; it is always looking for additional partnering options in the US market. Beltway Consulting Group (BCG) continues to be interested in expanding their current footprint, especially in the UK. With a rich source of US military and government contracts within their reach, BCG is looking to expand by means of sub-contracting as well as providing expert consultancy for these contracts. Brokering the coordination of US contracts with various UK company partners, including QinetiQ Ltd. (Inc in the US), satisfies both BCG and QinetiQ objectives.